Na Ul Leaves to the U.S. to Record with Stevie Wonder

Brown Eyed Soul‘s leader Na Ul is leaving to the United States to record a song written by worldly renowned singer songwriter, Stevie Wonder. Na Ul will stay in Los Angeles for 10 days until February 25.

A series of serious discussions regarding Na Ul’s visit to the States to record Stevie Wonder’s song began last year. Stevie Wonder became greatly interested in Brown Eyed Soul and Na Ul in 2010, during his visit to Korea for his concert. Last year Stevie Wonder contacted BES’s agency Santa Music expressing his interest in writing a song for Na Ul and working together. 

Na Ul asked his dear friend and a fellow song writer Don Spike for help in working on Stevie Wonder’s song. The two have been preparing for the recording thoroughly. Don Spike will also accompany Na Ul to the U.S. to assist the recording. He commented, “Stevie Wonder was very impressed with Na Ul’s voice. He seems to think that giving his song to an Asian artist is new and fresh. He’s shown great enthusiasm in his project.” 

Na Ul’s agency, Santa Music stated, “The specific recording schedule and details regarding the U.S. release of the song will be coordinated in the States.”