Lee Seung Gi Explains Celebrity X-File "Caught Buying Killer Heels"

Lee Seung Gi clarified rumors stated in the “Celebrity X-File” regarding him buying killer heels on SBS “Strong Heart“s valentine day’s special, “War of Roses” on February 14. On this episode, actress Seo Ji Hye first brought up the topic of “Celebrity X-File” in explaining her nonexistent relationship with actor Lee Jung Jin. 

Seo Ji Hye clarified, “We are a couple who never met each other. I had an argument with my real boyfriend at the time because of this ‘X-File’ scandal.” Lee Seung Gi agreed with Seo Ji Hye that Celebrity X-File has created some false allegations. He explained, “According to the ‘X-File,’ I bought a pair of killer heels at a department store. It had a really detailed explanation of the incident as if it really happened.” 

Yoon Jong Shin commented jokingly, “For this to be actually newsworthy and surprising, Lee Seung Gi should be wearing those killer heels.” Lee Seung Gi humorously replied, “Who knows, perhaps I wear them at home and walking around like this,” causing the audience to burst into laughter.