f(x) Krystal’s Elementary School Journal Entries Revealed

On February 15, f(x) Krystal‘s journal entries from when she was in elementary school appeared on an online forum. The two revealed journal entries are from 2001. In an entry written on June 24, 2001, Krystal wrote about her pottery making experience with the family. She talked about how nervous she was before making pottery. She even drew pictures of the ceramics she made herself. 

In another journal entry, from July 1, 2001, Krystal wrote about visiting a library. She stated how there were older children and students studying in the library, which made her and her friend be quiet and cautious. Krystal also wrote, “The second floor was really cool. The paintings a painter painted were cool. The painter was the owner of the paintings.” Many netizens found this particular comment about the paintings adorable.


Along with these journal entries, Krystal’s childhood pictures were also posted. Netizens commented, “Krystal is so cute,” “is this really her journal entries?” “She was prettier when she was little,” “I’m going to go find my own old journal entries,” and “How does one find things like this?”