Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s Perfect Body Ratio

Wonder Girls’ Sohee shows off her perfect bodyline in the 2012 Tommy Hilfiger Denim photoshoot.

In this photoshoot, Sohee throws off her usual innocent and babyfaced image and displays her perfect body line. Wearing matching skinny jeans and a denim jacket, Sohee throws a confident sexy pose, showing off her waistline, long legs and perfect ratio.

Sohee, already known as a fashionista, pulls off a very casual and practical, yet chic, and stylish look. In addition to her perfect bodyline, her shy yet confident pose with seductive eyes makes this a luxurious photoshoot.

A representative for Tommy Hilfiger praised Sohee stating, “This is our first photoshoot together but Sohee was very mature and professional like model. The photoshoot went very smoothly because of her. Sohee completely understood the concept and was able to execute various gestures and poses.”