Song Joong Ki for Sprite

Actor Song Joong Ki has become a “Blue Chip” in the advertising industry. On February 15, Coca-Cola Korea released a statement that the company has picked Song Joong Ki as a model to promote Sprite. The company also stated that Song Joong Ki’s fresh smile is well suited to represent the product. 

As a promotional model for Sprite, Song Joong Ki went to Australia to conduct filming of the product’s television commercials and photo shoots for printed advertisements. The television commercial, which is yet to be aired, shows that in a moment of extreme thirst after exercising, only Sprite can offer refreshing freedom. Song Joong Ki will appeal the freshness of Sprite with his trademark smile. Moreover, the commercial will reveal Song Joong Ki’s previously undisclosed masculine and active side. 

Song Joong Ki garnered much attention from starring in “Deep Rooted Tree” as Young Se Jong. Besides his acting career, he is also working very hard as a MC and commercial models of various products. Song Joong Ki was previously a promotional model for his alma mater, Sungkyunkwan University, and was recently picked to advertise a sports apparel brand.