miss A Suzy: "It’s My Honor to Be the Little Han Ga In"

The youngest member of miss A, Suzy is currently not only making waves as a singer but as an actress as well. The spotlight is on her at the moment for playing the younger version of Han Ga In’s character in the spring release “Introduction to Architecture.”

“To be the little Han Ga In was already an honor in itself,” Suzy said at the press conference for the movie held in Seoul.

Han Ga In, in turn said, “Suzy is bright and wacky, and has a 4D personality. In some angles, we do have strong physical resemblance.”

In the movie, Suzy plays university student So Yeon who meets Seung Min (played by Lee Je Hoon) in an architecture class. Fifteen years later, their characters meet again when So Yeon, played in present times by Han Ga In approaches full-fledged architect Seung Min (Uhm Tae Woong) to rebuild her house.

By coincidence, the character So Yeon’s birthday is on November 11, while Suzy’s is on October 10 and Han Ga In’s is on February 2.

The two actresses also teased about kissing scenes that are not to be missed in the film. “Introduction to Architecture” opens in cinemas on March 22.