Kim Yu Na’s Agency "There Will Be No Kiss and Cry Season 2"

Figure Queen Kim Yu Na‘s agency All That Sports decided not to make “Kim Yu Na’s Kiss and Cry Season 2.” On February 15, All That Sports stated, “We have been preparing for ‘Kim Yu Na’s Kiss and Cry Season 2’ as the show was the first on-ice variety show and adored by many fans. However, the programming of the show has been delayed on the broadcasting company’s part and there has been some difficulties casting celebrities for the show. Such lack of preparation led us to decide not to proceed with the production of the show earlier this month.”

In 2011, All That Sports partnered with SBS to jointly produce “Kim Yu Na’s Kiss and Cry.” All That Sports added, “We are disappointed that ‘Kiss and Cry’ will not be on air this year, as the show contributed to promote figure skating and Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. But as we put the program’s degree of completion as number one priority, we came to a conclusion that we cannot proceed without proper preparations and planning.”