"We Got Married" China Special to Air on MBC on February 25

MBC’s special Chinese edition of “We Got Married” is set to hit Korean airwaves following its Valentine’s Day airing in China. According to reports from local news agencies, MBC will air the special Chinese episode of “We Got Married,” featuring T-ara’s Hyomin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun paired with Chinese celebrities on February 25.

The “We Got Married” China special made the cover story of the magazine “Shanghai Exhibition” and became a matter of great interest on the Internet and social networking sites even before its February 14 airing.

For the special, MBC partnered with Hanzhong, China entertainment channel SMG. The program is meant to celebrate the 20 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries, thus the concept of two young people from Korea understanding the different culture of their counterparts.

The “We Got Married” China special features T-ara’s Hyomin paired with Fu Xin Bo of idol group BOBO and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun paired with actress Lou Yi Xiao. Hyomin and Fu Xin Bo shot their episode in Korea, while Kyuhyun and Lou Yi Xiao shot in Shanghai.

According to reports, Hyomin and Kyuhyun will appear in the “We Got Married” studio for the airing of the special episode.