Japanese Fan Puts Kara on New Year’s Card

A Japanese fan of Kara, with the pen name “Hirochin,” has created a New Year’s card with a hand-drawn illustration of Kara. Even though New Year’s has passed, it’s still a cute gesture. The members of Kara are all wearing kimono and laughing. As this is the year of the dragon, a pink dragon is floating across the top of the card. In black, it reads, “Hoping that all the smiles that were lost, will slowly return this year.” This is in reference to the Earthquake and Tsunami that happened in eastern Japan on March 11, 2011.

The artist explained that they had gone to Korea during the Lunar New Year and tried on hanbok, but because they didn’t know the proper design, they decided to draw Kara in kimono. In Japan, New Year’s card are called “nengajo” and are often handwritten. If you post them early enough, they will arrive the morning of New Year’s Day.

Kara is enjoying a lot of success in Japan. Their album “Super Girl” was recently awarded Triple Platinum. Can you guys pick out who is who?