Kim Tae Hee’s Goddess Smile

Once again Kim Tae Hee‘s beautiful smile has caught the attention of many. This time, it’s from fans looking through her Japanese blog. Recently, a picture of Kim Tae Hee was uploaded to the staff blog of her Japanese homepage. In the picture, Kim Tae Hee strikes a luxurious pose. Her hair is tied back into a ponytail and she’s wearing a jacket covered in a flower pattern. Her right arm is holding a bag with beads on the strap.

What many fans noticed was her clear, lovey skin. Netizens commented, “She shines even when she’s in Japan,” “Even her face is sparkling,” and “She’s so pretty, I’ve lost my words.” As you may remember, Kim Tae Hee was the star of the Fuji TV drama “My 99 Days with the Star.” In that drama, she played a famous Korean actress who falls in love with her Japanese bodyguard. Check out a clip from the show below.