Viewers Shocked at Han Ga In’s Torture Scene

In the preview to the February 15 episode of MBC‘s “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” viewers were shocked to see a scene in which Wol (played by Han Ga In) is tied up and violently beaten in the palace courtyard.

In the preview, Hwon mysteriously collapses in bed with Bo Kyung and the palace is thrown into an emergency. Bo Kyung, who feels embarassed by Hwon, plots against Wol with Yoon Dae Hyung. They are planing to cause Hwon dishonor. Netizens who watched the preview commented that, “This hurts to watch.” The episode will at at 9:55 pm on February 15. It looks like the plot is heating up.

If you are wondering what’s going on, check out Soompi’s “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” thread and get the details on past episodes.

Check out the preview below. Do you think it’s too violent?