Kang Ji Seop Looks Like This Singer

On February 15, Park Han Byul posted a cute picture of herself with Kang Ji Seop to her Twitter page. The two are currently acting in the MBN sitcom “Bolder By the Day.” Together with the picture, she wrote, “Shooting ‘Bolder By the Day,’ Kang Ji Seop will now begin Twitter. But he doesn’t have any followers. Please follow him.”

In the picture, Park Han Byul is wearing a blue coat and puckering her lips at the camera. Kang Ji Seop peeks out from behind her. Even though he seems a bit shy, they look quite friendly together.

Netizens who saw the picture, however, wondered, “Doesn’t he look like Se7en?,” “Park Han Byul is truly ageless,” and “Kang Ji Seop, I’ll follow you (on Twitter).” “Bolder By the Day” is a sitcom that follows a military family. Do you think that the netizen is correct, that Kang Ji Seop looks like Se7en? Or is this just a case of mistaken identity? Hopefully he gets a few followers for his Twitter. If you are interested, check out this trailer for “Bolder By the Day.”