What’s the Importance of Aegyosal?

Aegyosal refers to the puffiness that’s often under the eyes of Korean singers and actors. It’s a sign of cuteness and those without them often times go to great lengths to get them. Recently, an online forum posted a picture of Han Ga In and YoonA with their aegyosal Photoshopped out. Along with the photographs was this topic question, “What if YoonA and Han Ga In had no aegyosal?”

When you look at the photographs, notice that the ones on the left are their normal faces and the ones on the right are their faces with the aegyosal eliminated. With out the aegyosal, the two look older than they are. So, maybe Korean stars are right that aegyosal is important. On the other hand, netizen comments were split. Some thought that they looked like totally different people without the aegyosal. Others thought that with or without they were beautiful anyways. This has even been a topic of debate on Soompi. What are your thoughts?

Han Ga In is currently working on the MBC drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” while YoonA set to make a March appearance in the SBS drama “Ojakgyo Brothers.”