T-ara’s Eunjung in Crutches in Paris

T-ara’s Eunjung took a selca in Paris while on her crutches.

On February 14, Eunjung posted on her Twitter, “Before leaving Paris. I took this picture while saying, ‘I will get rid of these crutches!’ pretending to be fine, pretending to be chic. However, it’s still next to me. As if it only knows me… T_T I wanted to come here since I was 19 so I’m sad… Goodbye, Paris – next time I will go in every nook and cranny of your streets!” Along with this message, she posted two pictures.

In the picture, Eunjung is wearing a black coat and a black fedora with a skull-print scarf. Her creamy white skin and bright smile was accompanied with her crutches and her cast.

Netizens who came across these photos commented, “Please don’t be hurt,” “Get well soon,” “You’re still pretty even when you’re hurt,” “You can go to Paris again next time,” and more.

Meanwhile, Eunjung along with the rest of the T-ara members traveled to Paris on February 8 for the “Music Bank in Paris” concert.