Lee Mi Sook Blackmailed by a Man 17 Years Her Junior

Actress Lee Mi Sook, who had a hot and steamy photo shoot with Big Bang’s Top in the past, is in some legal trouble. Lee Mi Sook’s early termination of her contract with her previous management caused the courts to give their first ruling of her paying 100 million won (about $100,000 USD) in damages. However, her previous management is appealing for an objection for that ruling.

Lee Mi Sook’s previous management, The Contents Entertainment, appealed to the Seoul Courthouse to increase the amount to 300 million won (about $300,000 USD) of damages to be paid. They said, “Lee Mi Sook illegally terminated her contract and signed with HoyaSporTainment. We should receive 20% of the income that she received during the term that was still left on our previous contract.”

They continued, “Before her divorce, Lee Mi Sook had inappropriate relations with a man, 17 years younger than her. If news about this spread back then, she would have had to quit being an actress. This man knew about this and used this information to blackmail and even threaten Lee Mi Sook. We ended up settling this matter by giving him millions of won.”

Beforehand, the Seoul Courthouse ruled that the reparation amount that needed to be paid by Lee Mi Sook would be 100 million won because 200 million won seemed a bit harsh.

Lee Mi Sook’s contract with The Contents Entertainment was to last from January to December of 2009. However, she broke the contract in January and signed with HoyaSporTainment.