After School’s Uee “Joo Won’s Body was Below My Expectations”

After School’s Uee, who is currently receiving a lot of love for her role in the KBS drama “Ojakgyo Brothers,” spoke truthfully about seeing fellow actor Joo Won’s body.

Uee recently filmed for the KBS talk show, “Happy Together 3,” and talked about one the most memorable scenes from her drama. She revealed it is was when Joo Won and Yeon Woo Jin were both at a public bath, showing their naked upper bodies. Uee said that she was secretly looking forward to the scene when she saw in on the script. Choi Jung Yoon, who is also acting in the drama and appeared together with Uee on the talk show, added that many members of the female staff were looking forward to the scene also.

However, everyone was a little disappointed to see that Joo Won’s body was not very defined.

This episode of “Happy Together” will be broadcasted on Thursday, February 15. Guests will be the cast members of “Ojakgyo Brothers,” Joo Won, Uee, Choi Jung Yoon, Jung Woong In, Ryu Soo Young and others.

In related news, photos of Uee in a wedding dress were recently revealed. It seems that Uee and Joo Won will finally make it down the aisle after overcoming obstacles and enduring heartache. Congratulations to the cute drama couple!