G.NA As a Sexy Tarot Reader for Salamander Guru and the Gang

G.NA gave her first shot at acting as a sexy tarot reader for SBS Sitcom “Salamander Guru and the Gang.” G.NA’s character is named Krystal (or Crystal) and she knows the true Salamander Guru. In order to get her revenge, she set up a tarot reading shop right in front of the Salamander Guru’s.

G.NA’s character Krystal is 54 years old.

G.NA stated, “It was hard because I had to wear light clothes in order to emphasize my body. It was so cold. I put in some effort in terms of choosing the right attire and trying to fit the character concept. “

She continued, “I was so nervous because it was my first time acting. I hope you go easy on me because I know I have a lot of space to improve and am currently trying my best while taking acting classes.”

The production team stated, “G.NA’s perfect body made the atmosphere of filming brighten up. Even though it was cold and filming went long into the night, the staff was energetic.”