Ha Ji Won’s "Tacky" Fashion for Crocodile Lady?

Actress Ha Ji Won was able to show off her superior beauty, while wearing some outfits that some have claimed as “tacky.”

On February 16, women’s casual clothing brand, Crocodile Lady revealed promotion photos for their spring collection, featuring Ha Ji Won.

Ha Ji Won was able to show off her individual charm through various outfits. However, it seems some of those outfits were a mistake. One outfit in particular, has been bashed on, with yellow pants that reminded viewers of yellow radish that you would put in kimbap. The outfit would be something a mother would wear to school meetings, according to viewers.

Meanwhile, on this day, Crocodile Lady celebrated its 65th anniversary since being established in 1947. They had balloons and champagne on the set, and Ha Ji Won and the staff were able to enjoy it like a birthday party.

What do you think? Are the outfits as “tacky” as viewers claim them to be?