[UPDATED] Girls’ Generation Becomes the Next Victim of Nude Photoshopped Photos

Girls’ Generation is the next victim of nude photoshopped photos of female celebrities. The nude photo was uploaded to various internet communities yesterday and spread like wildfire. However, it’s been revealed that the photo was photoshopped. The faces of Girls’ Generation were extracted from another photo and photoshopped to photos with the naked bodies.

This isn’t the first time Girls’ Generation was victimized with photoshopped photos. The girls were in a similar situation two years ago, and 92 netizens were arrested for the matter. Most of the netizens under prosecutor’s investigation were minors – students in elementary, middle, and high school. As a result, the girls stated, “Please forgive the 92 netizens who are currently under investigation. We do not want to punish them.”

Netizens commented, “They must track down the person who did this and prosecute him/her,” “Photoshopping a funny picture is one thing, this is inappropriate,” “It’s sad because some people might think the photo’s real,” and more.


SM Entertainment officials announced, “We have already requested a police investigation regarding the nude photoshopped photos. The person who illegally created the photo, as well as the people who circulated the photo, will have to take legal responsibility for their actions.”