Aziatix Makes the Cover of Korea’s Newsweek

The title of AziatixNewsweek cover is “Combining the World of Korean Hip Hop.” Underneath the title reads “The K Hip-Hop trend is being led by a rapper and R&B singer.”

Aziatix’ agency “A Star” made the following statement about making the cover, “Aziatix made the cover of the Korean Newsweek following the Japanese and U.S. one. Aziatix is gaining a lot of attention with the title ‘Combining the World of Hip Hop.”

Newsweek wrote about Aziatix, “Aziatix has a very unique sound. It is Hip Hop in itself.” Also, Aziatix received praise from Rob Schwarts the Japan correspondent for Billboard magazine.

Aziatix is now planning on meeting with fans and setting out time to communicate with them. Aziatix stated, “If 2011 was about getting a feel for the possibility of success, in 2012 we would like the fruition of success. We will make new music that fans worldwide can connect with.”