JYP Explains miss A "Touch" Trailers

One mysterious part of miss A’s “Touch” teasers was the roses that change from white to red. The roses are featured in each of the teasers and are especially pronounced at the ending of the teasers which show all four members lying on a bed of roses.  

JYP gave an explanation through his twitter on February 16. “miss A’s ‘Touch’ is about a situation where one hasn’t gotten completely over the pain and tears of a breakup. However, the heart begins to open up because of love for somebody else. A heart that seemed like it wouldn’t open, has because of a warm and loving touch. Love that grows out of pain.. have you watched the teaser? ^^”

JYP continued, “I think the roses in the teaser do a good job of expressing the theme of ‘Love that grows from pain.’ On top of painful lyrics is a red rose that blossoms… that is why the clip shows both tears and smiles.”