Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun Paid Friend’s Tuition in the Past

On yesterday’s episode of tvN’sENews,” the “Announcing the List” segment featured a list of stars who were “Legends at His/Her School.” Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun took home the no. 5 spot. It’s been revealed that Ye Eun helped out a friend in need by paying that friend’s tuition.

Ye Eun’s senior year high school homeroom teacher stated, “She helped out a friend from an unfortunate background by secretly doing stuff like paying for that student’s tuition.” Ye Eun is also known as a very caring and loyal friend, making international calls to comfort a friend, hanging out with her friends despite her busy schedule, inviting them to her concerts, and more.

Netizens commented, “She’s such an angel, helping out a friend in need,” “Ye Eun is so nice,” “I wish I had a friend like Ye Eun,” and more.