Shin Se Kyung and Yoo Ah In Finish First Filming for "Fashion King"

Both Shin Se Kyung and Yoo Ah In finished their first filming in New York for the new Mon-Tue drama “Fashion King.” According to SBS the two stars worked together near Saint Mark’s Place in Manhattan. The street is located in East Village and the first spot where “Gayoung” (Portrayed by Shin Se Kyung) starts off on her New York City life. The first scene involved the two talking in front of Gayoung’s apartment.

The basic synopsis behind “Fashion King” is about designers that began in Seoul’s Dong Dae Moon (A shopping district in Seoul) and later transform into successful and global designers. Yoo Ah In’s character starts off as a merchant in Dong Dae Moon and becomes a designer, while Shin Se Kyung’s character is somewhat of a designer genius.

The first episode will broadcast on March 12.