B.A.P Releases Special Video and Photo Shoot for First Look Magazine

The up-and-coming six-member boy group B.A.P. has released its special photo shoot and video for First Look Magazine. In the photo spread released earlier this week, B.A.P. shed its fierce image shown in their “Warrior” music video, and instead went with a softer side of them.

Their bleached hair and milky-white skin, matched with the trendy outfits, give off a sweet, boy-next-door vibe, which hasn’t been seen too often in B.A.P.’s previous photo shoots. During the interview, the six boys were asked to name the Best, Absolute, and Perfect (B.A.P. stands for Best, Absolute, Perfect) sides of the group. Without giving any specific answer, they just sang and danced like they’re at a party. Their explanation? B.A.P. lets their performance do the talk.

You can see more photos and read the full interview of B.A.P. here and here. Enjoy the video!