Girls’ Generation YoonA and Yuri Star in Competing Dramas

Girls’ Generation members YoonA and Yuri will be competing against each other for audience share of their respective dramas. Both their dramas are set for a March premiere and are scheduled to air on competing time slots.

Yuri’s “Fashion King,” starring Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung goes on air first, in mid-March. It is a Monday and Tuesday drama on SBS about young aspiring fashion designers. “Fashion King” is Yuri’s first drama, although she has experience acting before in short roles in sitcoms.

YoonA, meanwhile, takes the lead with new Hallyu frontrunner Jang Geun Suk in “Love Rain.” It premieres on KBS in the last week of March. YoonA has taken on lead roles in dramas before, most notably in “Cinderella Man,” but her challenge with “Love Rain” is playing two characters.

Viewers are looking forward to the dramas that YoonA and Yuri are starring in, as well as how the friendly competition between members of the same idol group will pan out.