Girls’ Generation Yuri Gives Sweets to "Fashion King" Crew in New York

Girls’ Generation member Yuri is as beautiful inside as she is outside. She showed her warm heart by bringing gifts to the drama Fashion King production crew. Yuri headed to New York on February 13 to join the cast of the drama there. She plays the role of Choi Anna alongside Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung.

The Girls’ Generation member gave the production crew Valentine’s Day chocolates and sweets along with cards saying, “To our always hardworking ‘Fashion King’ crew, please cheer up with these sweets, fighting!”

It has been revealed that Yuri spent about four hours looking around New York to buy the chocolates. She commented, “I prepared these chocolates for them because the crew are away from their families and lovers for the sake of the filming. Seeing them enjoy the presents I gave them made me happy.”

Moved by Yuri’s gifts, the production crew stated, “Receiving Valentine’s Day chocolates from Yuri who is loved by a lot of men makes us happier than getting such gifts from our lovers. We won’t forget 2012’s Valentine’s Day.”

Meanwhile, “Fashion King” which is drama about the lives of fashion designers is set to premiere on SBS on March 12.