Kim Min Hee Shows Off Her Charms for "1st Look"

Actress Kim Min Hee shows off her “fatal” charms in a photoshoot for “1st Look.” The photographs showed off her voluptous beauty and her beautiful innocence. Let’s take a look at some of the photograps below.

In this first one, Kim Min Hee sits on a concrete square. Her hair is messy and she’s giving the camera a blank stare. She’s wearing a long, black coat with metal studs over what looks like a gold, silver and black bathing suit. Her long, beautiful legs end in high heels with a bit of flare on the ends.

Keeping with the messy hairstyle, this time she’s added a metal hairpiece. It looks a bit like a halo or a star. She’s also now wearing red lipstick, which contrasts against her flawless, pale skin.

In this final picture, she goes for a slightly more gothic look. The ends of her short, black dress contain a cute pattern. And she’s giving the camera a shy, innocent smile.

Of the styles she is wearing, the last one seems the easiest to move to everyday wear. It also is cute and a bit sexy, without being trashy. I really like the pattern on this dress and how her wild hair gives helps give her a mysterious air. Originally, I thought that black shoes would be better, but after looking over it again, I think that the brown heels match this outfit well. Which one do you guys think is best?