Seungri Updates His Me2Day with an Interesting Image of G-Dragon

Not long ago all five members teaser images had been made public. That is what was originally thought. Big Bang is a group that is always full of surprises. This time Seungri had a little treat in store for his Me2Day followers. He wrote, “GD IS ALIVE.” Along with the post he uploaded the following picture of fellow Big Bang member, G-Dragon.

In the photo G-Dragon can be seen in what appears to be some sort of underground, ice palace. Where the leader is pictured sitting on a throne made of ice. So far it sounds appropriate to the concept of the album. Yet, there is something odd about the photo. It looks as though G-Dragon is chained to the throne. However his limbs don’t seem to be completely restricted from moving. With this image it further proves that Big Bang aren’t your typical, cutesy K-Pop group. They are true artists with whatever they do as they completely emody the word. Feel free to take a look at the symbolic image yourself.

What is your interpretation of GD’s photo?