Kim Yoo Jung Graces Vogue Girl, Allure Korea

The young actress Kim Yoo Jung who plays the 13 year old Yeon Woo in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” has recently taken part in photoshoots for Vogue Girl and Allure Korea. Her style for the two magazines is quite different. For Vogue Girl, she looks like a typical 13 year old girl. She’s wearing a pink, plaid shirt, blue jeans with a green belt. For some reason, she’s only wearing her blur varsity jacket on one arm. The bunny hairband is quite cute, and her smile is fresh and irresistable.

On the other hand, she looks mature in the Allure Korea photographs. Her is down in both photoshoots, but combined with the red lipstick and strong gaze, she looks like a more mature version of the girl in Vogue Girl. The Allure Korea photographs make use of red and white. In all three photographs, she is wearing a white dress. In this first photograph, she’s holding a white cat on her lap. Both her and the cat are giving the camera a cold stare.

In the second picture picture, she’s wearing a red hat and a red ring, and of course red lipstick!

Finally, in the last picture, she’s wearing a sleeveless white lace dress. The stare she gives the camera sets the atmosphere for this picture.

What do you think if her two differing looks?