Kim Bora and Yeo Jin Goo Look Cute Together in K.Will’s New MV

Child actress Kim Bora appeared in K. Will’s music video for his title song, “I Need You along with up and coming child star, Yeo Jin Goo. The music video features the two in a romantic scene taking place in a snowy, school yard.

Kim Bora has been attracting much attention lately for her role as the protagonist in the music video. In a flashback she appears as a little girl with a lovely smile that later transforms into a young woman. The adult woman is played by Yoon Bora of Sistar. Also adding to the interest surrounding the music video are the behind-the-scenes cuts which unveil the affectionate exchanges between Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Bora.

The pictures of Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Bora are eye catching. The two are seen in photos with a red scarf wrapped around each other’s necks along with mischievous grins across their faces.

Netizens reacted to the couple saying, “Bora looks good too. Such a cute and beautiful couple,” “Bora with Jin Goo is so terrific. I can’t believe it! They are so lovely,” and “Bora I want to be you. I envy you!”