Netizens Surprised by Go Soo’s Plain Wedding Invitations

The groom-to-be Hallyu star, Go Soo will be getting married on February 17 with some top-notch celebrities in the wedding program. However, his wedding invitations were revealed and puzzled netizens due to it’s plain and normal appearance.

Unlike other top star’s wedding invitations, Go Soo’s invitations did not even have a photo of the couple or any elaborate designs or fonts. It just said, “We have become one in heart and chose to vow our love to one another. Please join us and bless us in this celebration.”

It is reported that Go Soo did not even talk about wedding plans with his manager. He just prepared for the wedding with a wedding planner. His wedding invitation, just like his personality, was short, simple and cut to the chase with no excessive glamor.

It is also reported that Go Soo personally called each and every guest of the wedding to greet and invite them, on top of sending out the invitations. Guests were pleased to see a modest and humble image of Go Soo, as he asked them to bless him and his bride-to-be.

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