So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah Captured at the Airport

Photos of So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah at the airport looking like they are about to depart for a trip were revealed.

Taken as if they were paparazzi photos, these pictures are actually for the clothing brand, “Giordano,” that So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah are models for.

In these photos, the actor and actress look comfortable and at ease, while still exuding their star quality, capturing the look of a star couple that is off for a secret vacation.

Representatives of Giordano revealed that So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah took these photos in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, helping to create the almost realistic quality of the airport scene.

In related news, it was reported earlier that So Ji Sub would be announcing his next project very soon. Hopefully we can see both of these beautiful stars on screen in the near future.