YG "Big Bang Is Stronger Now"

Big Bang will release their fifth mini album on February 29. It has been nearly a year since their comeback. Also, the comeback is more significant because of G-Dragon and Daesung’s incidents last year.

YG recently stated about Big Bang’s comeback “Last year was the worst year. I had been with the members since they were 13 years old. It was also hard for me to take the news.

He continued, “During the 15 years I have managed YG Entertainment, I wanted my artists to have freedom. However, I began to think that self-control is more important. Besides myself, I believe it was a good learning experience for Big bang.”

YG ended with, “It is usually difficult for a singer to go on after 5 years but I believe Big Bang has become stronger through the recent incidents. That is why I am focusing on Big Bang’s promotions. Not only is the Korean market focusing on them, but the whole world is as well. We are more careful when making music so that we won’t be embarrassed. Although the five of them shine when they are together, the fact that they can do solo albums makes Big bang more like 6 teams instead of one.”