"Ojakgyo Brother’s" Uee, "I Would Date Joo Won"

On February 16, Uee and Joo Won appeared together in KBS2 “Happy Together Season 3” with other couples from drama “Ojakgyo Brothers.”Uee and Joo Won participated in a “Couple OX Quiz” and were asked, “Would you actually date each other, if asked out?” Both held up “O” as an answer, drawing attention of fellow “Happy Together” casts.

Uee and Joo Won played a couple in “Ojakgyo Brothers,” who were once hostile toward each other with no love interest involved but later developed romantic feelings that helped the pair overcome crisis and difficulties with love in the end.

Due to their natural acting and the “pretty picture” they made as a couple, many actors and actresses on the set of “Ojakgyo Brothers” urged Uee and Joo Won to date in real life. Uee shyly confessed on “Happy Together” that whenever she was acting with Joo Won as a couple, she could not help but to actually involve her real feelings in her acting. She added, “When I saw Joo Won putting on a suit for a scene, I realized that men in suits are actually very charming.”