Kangta’s Absurd Hairstyle Shocks Fans of "Voice of Korea"

Kanta‘s new shocking hairstyle has been revealed on an online forum. Kangta appears on Mnet’s “The Voice of Korea,” and during the first episode of the show, he recruited Ji Se Hee, who owned the stage and performance with her powerful voice. In doing so, Kangta made a promise, “If Ji Se Hee wins the competition, I’m going to do her hairdo.” Ji Se Hee has a long, permed, curly hairstyle. 

In response to such promise, some witty netizens photoshopped Kangta’s face with Ji Se Hee’s hair to guess what Kangta would actually look like. Many netizens commented, “Kangta’s permed long hair is a pure shock,” “Ji Se Hee, I’m sorry but please don’t win,” “I think it looks good on him,” and “Kangta looks like a very talented artist with the permed hair.” 

“The Voice of Korea” is the officially licensed Korean version of music survival program “The Voice.” Unlike other music audition programs, the participants are judged solely based on their vocal abilities. Kangta, Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, and Gil from Lee Ssang appear on “the Voice of Korea” as judges.