JYJ Jaejoong Reveals Texts with Park Yoochun

What do the texts look like between fellow idol group members? JYJ’s Jaejoong shed some light by revealing the texts that go on between Park Yoochun and himself. He tweeted Our average conversations, our boring conversations.”

The texts read: (Typical Conversation)

Yoochun: Congratulations ^^ You looked the best~

Yoochun: I saw the broadcast ^^ Awesome Awesome

Jaejoong: Thank you hehe

Yoochun: hehehehe ^^ You looked great

Jaejoong: I was very nervous~

Yoochun: hehe ^^ you didn’t look nervous at all~


The other texts read: (Boring Conversations)

Jaejoong: Isn’t there a lot of sound?

Jaejoong: You will probably need to kill the balance and raise it

Yoochun: Yeah~ It’s probably a balance problem~ doing this and that to check if it is the sound

Jaejoong: Isn’t the sound big? Heh

Yoochun: ok ok the sound is crazy

Jaejoong: Touch it well~


Also, JYJ’s documentary “The Day” will be released through “Lotte Cinema” movie theaters on February 23.