Kara Releases First Photo Album “Je T’aime”

According to DSP Media on February 17, the photo album “Je T’aime” is about Kara’s first Paris trip. The photo album “Je T’aime” will contain a total of 340 unreleased photo cuts. There are also love letters written by Kara while in Paris for fans.

The photo album was sold in Japan beginning from February 14 and is highly popular. It will begin selling on February 21 offline and online. The Korean version of the photo album will have 6 postcards that have autographs from the Kara members.

Kara’s Japanese second album “Super Girl” sold 275,206 albums in its first week and later sold over 75,000 making triple platinum. Kara will hold its first “exclusive concert” at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on February 18 and 19.