Mnet "Voice of Korea" to Provide Music from Show for Free

The songs sang on the first episode of the audition program MnetVoice of Korea.” Mnet will service the songs that the contestants sang during the blind audition will be released on for free.

This includes the contestant Bae Geun Suk’s version of Seo In Young’s “Cinderella” and Jang Jae Ho’s version of “Breakup Taxi.” These two contestants gained fame for their versions of the songs for the first episode broadcast on February 10.

The production team of “Voice of Korea” stated, “We didn’t have plans of releasing the music that contestants sang during their blind auditions. However, after the first episode many kept asking about the music files for the show. We decided to provide the music for free as thanks for the interest in the show.”

The second episode of “Voice of Korea” will broadcast on February 17.