Se7en Feels "Awkward" to Drink with JYP

Se7en was a guest on the SBS Power FM show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” when he was asked about drinking with Park Jin Young or Yang Hyun Suk. The question the host posed was, “Who would you rather go drinking with, Park Jin Young or Yang Hyun Suk?” Se7en answered, “I will go drinking with either of them. But, honestly, since Yang Hyun Suk is the president of my company (YG Entertainment), it’s easier to drink with him. Right now, it’s a bit awkward when drinking with Park Jin Young (head of JYP Entertainment).”

Se7en continued by pointing out that although Park Jin Young is a sunbae* singer to him, JYP is also the head of a different entertainment company, which complicates things. “When I go drinking with Yang Hyun Suk, he shows his funny side. When I go with JYP, he shows his serious side.”

Se7en’s newest song, “When I Can’t Sing,” which was written by Park Jin Young, is currently charting at number one on various music programs.

(*sunbae can mean “upperclassman,” but in this sense Se7en’s using it to mean JYP debuted before him as a singer and has more history than he does)