Comedian Couple’s Daughter Looks Strikingly Similar to Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

On February 16, comedian couple Lee Bong Won and Park Mi Sun appeared on SBS “Star Couple Show Ja Gi Ya” and shared a photo of their daughter that looks strikingly similar to Girls’ Generation’s YoonA.

In the photo, their daughter, Lee Yuri, has the looks of YoonA with big eyes and a sharp nose. Her V-line jaw and shape of the mouth closely resemble those of the Girls’ Generation member, as it’s quickly become one of the most searched-for key words online.

Netizens commented, “Lee Bong Won’s daughter is an ulzaang,” “It’s all because of Park Mi Sun,” and “She should become an idol singer.”

Lee Bong Won and Park Mi Sun were two of the most popular comedians in the 80s and 90s. After their marriage in 1993, Lee Bong Won mostly spent his time on running his own business, while Park Mi Sun established herself as one of the top variety show hosts. 

How do you like their daughter?