"Infinity Challenge" Members Miss Each Other

The cast members of “Infinity Challenge” displayed their strong affection with the show’s crew.

On February 15, Infinity Challenge’s Kim Tae Ho PD revealed his honest feelings as he tweeted to members Haha and Jung Joon Ha and professional photographer Oh Joong Suk, “I miss you so much.”  Oh Joong Suk is a famous photographer who has been working with Infinity Challenge’s members on their various trips and photo shoots, and was also behind the show’s special calendars.

Comedian Jung Joon Ha also used English to express his feelings and tweeted, “Me too!”

The reason why the members miss each other so much is because of the ongoing MBC union strike. MBC has been on a strike since January 30. Most programs’ time slots have been maintained but variety programs such as “Infinity Challenge” and  “We Got Married” have been suffering from the labor union’s strike. MBC aired special episodes as a temporary solution.

Nonetheless, according to a source close to the cast, “Infinity Challenge’s” members still meet even though there is no filming scheduled for the show, to share ideas for the next episodes as a way to prepare for the show’s broadcast.

Netizens commented, “As expected from Infinity Challenge,” Today they all showed their feelings,” “Please come up with interesting ideas for the show,” “When the strike ends, Infinity Challenge will be back,”  “When the strike is over, you will be able to meet again!”