On February 16, SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Joon enlisted in Korean army, leaving his celebrity girlfriend Hwang Jung Eum alone for the next two years. Before heading in to the bootcamp facility in Nonsan, Kim Yong Joon spoke to the press.

“I believe Jung Eum won’t wear her shoes backwards,” the star singer said in response to questions about his girlfriend. “Wearing your shoes backwards” is an old Korean saying which basically means cheating on your boyfriend while he’s serving the military.

He explained, “Hwang Jung Eum is currently busy filming her drama series, so she couldn’t come today. I hope she successfully finishes filming, despite the cold weather.” Hwang Jung Eum is currently filming “Full House 2” as the main female lead.

“Jung Eum told me to come back safely and healthy,” he added.

Kim Yong Joon will train for four weeks in Nonsan, before getting assigned a post as public service personnel. Since his debut in 2004 as part of SG Wannabe, Kim Yong Joon has been regarded as one of the top vocalists in the country.

Good luck Kim Yong Joon! Enjoy the music video of “Couple” by Kim Yong Joon feat. Hwang Jung Eum below!