Lee Da Hye Shows Off Her New Hairstyle

Actress Lee Da Hye showed off her adorable charm.

The actress uploaded a picture on her Weibo with the caption: “Guess where I am? I arrived in the United States during lunch. Uh.. but who is that?! Uh?! It is my teacher. Wait wait! How did she know and followed me to America.. I have to study right after I eat” on February 15.

In the picture, Lee Da Hye is showing off her tiny face and pure white skin. She also changed her hairstyle with a straight front bang.

Fans and netizens who saw the picture reacted with diverse responses: “Her face is so tiny to the point that it is going to disappear,” “You look so much better after you changed your hairstyle,” “I am very excited for your appearance on ‘Running Man,’” “You go all the way to America to study? Marvelous,” and “Jealous~~”