4minute’s Kwon So Hyun and HyunA Have Fun at Cube Entertainment Outing

Girl group 4minute member, Kwon So Hyun, revealed a picture having fun at Cube Entertainment’s MT (outing).

The singer uploaded the picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Cube MT Dinner, kind HyunA unnie (older female) feeding me Korean BBQ, if you look closely she is trying to put it slightly next to my mouth. Thank you.” on February 17.

In the picture, Kwon So Hyun and HyunA seem to be inside a house. The two girls are gaining interest for their cute behavior as Kwon So Hyun is trying to eat a piece of the meat with her eyes closed while HyunA has a funny expression on her face.

Fans and netizens who saw the picture reacted with diverse responses: “Unnies are so cute,” “You guys seem close with your entertainment company family,” and “Have fun and enjoy yourselves.”