JYP Reveals One Line from New Single miss A "Touch"

JYP wrote on his twitter February 18 “You have watched all four of the miss ATouch’ teasers right? Then really, as a treat, for you I will give one line of the song. ‘My hardened heart can no longer flutter again. That is what I believed but whenever I see you my heart beats…’ Did you ever have such an experience?”

He also wrote an English version of the tweet, “Did u watch all 4 teasers of miss A’s ‘Touch’? I believed my wounded heart can never pound again but every time I c u my heart is beating…”

miss A’s last teaser featured Min. Check it out below:


Also, JYP explained the meaning behind the song, “miss A’s ‘Touch’ is about a situation where one hasn’t gotten completely over the pain and tears of a breakup.”