Girls’ Generation YoonA Wants a Son

Girls’ Generation YoonA stated that she would like to have a son! JTBC’s “Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys” had a special where the Girls’ Generation” met the parents of the boys that appear on the show.

The Girls’ Generation, the boys, and their mothers all played the Korean traditional board game “Yut.” (Here is a link that explains the game) There were also missions where the boys had to dance with their mothers or kiss them on the cheek.

After YoonA saw Kim Sung Hwan and his mother link arms together, YoonA stated, “You two look so good. I want to have a son later too.” The boys also showed their mothers the dance performance they have been practicing. The mothers were so moved that they cried.

The episode of YoonA stating that she wants a son will be broadcast on February 19. Also, YoonA’s new drama “Love Rain” where she stars with Jang Geun Suk will premiere on KBS in the last week of March.