[Updated] Wonder Girls Sun Ye’s Couple Selca with Boyfriend Surfaces

A picture of Wonder Girls Sun Ye and her boyfriend surfaced recently on an online community.

In the uploaded picture, Sun Ye and her boyfriend both wore a couple coat. The pair is happily smiling to the camera, revealing their strong affection.

Of course, netizens who were really curious about the couple couldn’t stand still and commented, “They look very happy,” “It’s amazing that they both are wearing a couple outfit,” “But she still is an idol….”

Last November, Wonder Girls Sun Ye made a striking and brave confession on SBS variety program “Strong Heart.” She revealed that she has been dating a missionary she met in Haiti during a volunteering mission.

Sun Ye also stated that the reason why she revealed this was because she wanted to be honest to her fans and wanted to share her happiness with the world.

We wish the couple all the best!