Girls’ Generation Yuri’s Unchanging Beauty Gains Interest

Girls’ Generation member, Yuri, is gaining interest for her unchanging beauty.

A couple of pictures were posted on an online community website board with the title: “Yuri Looks Identical to Her Debut Days When She Lightly Puts on Makeup” on February 18.

One picture shows Yuri when she just debuted as a Girls’ Generation member while another shows her preparing for the filming of SBS drama “Fashion King.”

She especially garnered attention for her debut picture taken at 2007 since her unchanging beauty is still noticeable after five years.

Fans and netizens who saw the pictures reacted with diverse responses: “Yuri really did not change at all~”, “Very pretty! She was pretty then and pretty now~!!”, “and “She looks youthful and fresh in her old picture.. although she is of course pretty now!”