Jay Park Changes Choreography For "Know Your Name"

The choreography for Jay Park‘s new song, “Know Your Name” has been changed, due to the request of fans.

The changes for the choreography of “Know Your Name” were revealed on February 17’s broadcast of KBS‘s Music Bank.

Upon his comeback performance, Jay Park caused quite a stir among fans for his duet with a female dancer, a sexy but controversial dance that has been claimed by many as “sexually suggestive.” His fans requested that he change the choreography, which he has complied with.

In a day, Jay Park was able to change his choreography, taking out any skinship in the duet, and making it more powerful with a stronger groove to it. Overall, the response has been great.

Jay Park’s agency revealed, “Since his comeback performance, fans have been requesting its change, so we changed it,” and “You’ll be able to see a more powerful performance with a stronger feel to it.”

Netizens that saw the broadcast commented, “Even with the change, Jay Park is still sexy,” “I think it got more sexy,” “Jay Park really listens to his fans,” and “The changed choreography is still awesome,” expressing their full support.

All in all, Jay Park has been gaining attention for his powerful “Know Your Name” choreography and perfect live perfomances.