Actress Han Ga In: "I Like My Eyes The Best"

Actress Han Ga In recently surprised fans with her many complexes regarding her looks.

Han Ga In appeared on February 18’s broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s “I Like Movies” for an interview about her new movie, Introduction to Architecture,” co-starring Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Je Hoon, and miss A‘s Suzy. The MC of the show asked her some questions sent in by netizens.

One of the questions was “Does even a flawless beauty like Han Ga In have a part of her appearance she doesn’t like?” Smiling shyly, she replied, “Of course I have a lot [of complexes].”

Han continued, “It would be faster to pick a part of my appearance I do like,” saying “I guess my eyes are the most decent-looking.” The production team added the captions “really big eyes,” along with a close-up of her large dark-brown eyes.

Fans were surprised to hear that the beautiful actress picked her eyes, rather than her pointed nose or small face. Female fans that saw the broadcast have been referring to Han Ga In’s modest answer as “thoughtless words,” and it has been a hot topic online.

Han Ga In is currently busy with her role as the crown-princess-turned-shaman, Heo Yeon Woo in MBC‘s popular drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.” Her new movie “Intro to Architecture” will soon be released in theaters on March 22, and will be her second since her last movie “Once Upon a Time in High School” in 2004.